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My name is Daniel Marchant, I was born and raised in Scottsdale, and am currently a college student in LA (still voting at my permanent address in AZ). I was very active in previous campaign cycles in 2020 and 2022, helping out on tickets from President down to local levels. I am a Democrat and run in liberal circles, but as we all know that doesn’t matter in the slightest when it comes to Scottsdale politics because local issues typically don’t fall on party lines.

How I see issues in Scottsdale is simple. Scottsdale is an incredible city, and should stay that way. However, to keep being a great city, we need to stay growing with the times. That doesn’t mean becoming NYC like the NIMBY’s like to claim, but rather smart growth that keeps Scottsdale a home to different income brackets and ages, while remaining safe, fun, and beautiful. I disagree with the people who support stopping all growth in Scottsdale and turning us into Sun City East. Without keeping with the times in ways like investing in South Scottsdale and revitalizing our entertainment districts like Old Town, Scottsdale would turn into an environment that pushes away businesses, drives up the price of housing, and makes the local young residents like me unable to stay. I already have almost been priced out of my own hometown. Other issues that are important to me are supporting our public schools and guaranteeing our water supply through strategic planning and regulations. I have always supported sensible leaders who support a vision of Scottsdale that is a smart, modern, and innovative city for everyone. In 2020, I was super involved in the campaigns of John Little and Tammy Caputi, and voted for Virginia Korte. In 2022, I supported Dan Ishac and Raoul Zubia. I was too young to vote for you in 2018, but I know you have always been one of those sensible leaders. And on top of that, I can’t stand Ortega and Borowsky has terrible beliefs.

You already have my vote, I just wanted to reach out to formally introduce myself and offer my support. I’m in LA this summer working my job as a space engineer, so won’t really be local until after the election. That being said, if there’s any way I can help at all from afar, let me know. My whole family will be voting for you, and I will continue trying to convince many friends to as well. Thank you for running to represent the people of the city.


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